TULSA RESPONDS Helping meet the needs of Tulsa's families.

Tulsa Responds offers free tax filing and benefits enrollment services, including SNAP and SoonerCare to individuals and families in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Get help and schedule an appointment today.

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OUR SERVICES How Tulsa Responds Can Help

SNAP Food Benefits

Stretch your grocery budget further with SNAP food benefits.

Free Tax Filing

Free IRS-certified tax filing for households making around $70,000 or less.

SoonerCare/ Health Insurance

Our navigators can enroll you in a free or low-cost plan based on your income.

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GET STARTED NOW Discover what you qualify for

Not sure if you qualify for federal benefits or free tax filing? Fill out the form below to be contacted by one of our navigators.

Benefits Qualification Form

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ABOUT TULSA RESPONDS Empowering Tulsa Through Community Support

Tulsa Responds' mission is to help Tulsa’s low-income households improve their quality of life and economic opportunities through better access to crucial public benefits such as free tax filing. We’ve made a tremendous impact - on individuals, families, communities, and our city. We partner with local nonprofits to achieve shared missions.

JOIN OUR WORK Make a Difference Today

At Tulsa Responds, meaningful change begins with dedicated individuals like you. Whether you're a potential volunteer, intern, employee, or a mission-aligned organization in the Tulsa area, there’s an opportunity for us to work together.

Tulsa Responds is driven by a common mission: help low-income households improve their quality of life and economic opportunities through greater access to public benefits. Do you have a similar mission or serve the same demographic? Let’s talk!

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Not Sure Where to Start?

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