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FREE TAX FILING Get Your Refund, ALL of It

We offer professional, high-quality tax filing services at five locations throughout Tulsa. When you file with us you have the opportunity to enroll in government benefits like SoonerCare and SNAP, so you can stretch your refund even further.

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Free Tax Prep and Filing

At Tulsa Responds we believe that no low-to-mid-income household should have to pay to file their taxes. That’s why our IRS-certified tax preparers give free tax help to those who need it.

Our program is part of a national IRS initiative, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) to help taxpayers get access to qualified tax preparers. Nearly 20% of Tulsa households don't file their taxes because they don't owe anything, but they don't realize they might be missing out on hundreds or thousands of dollars in tax credits owed to them. That’s why we’ve joined the IRS’ national initiative, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA). File your taxes with us and you’ll get your entire refund and tax credits without paying a penny in prep fees.

Locations and Hours

1. Alameda (English & Spanish appointments)
2174 S Sheridan Rd, Tulsa, OK 74129
Tue-Thu: 10am - 8pm
Fri-Sat: 10am - 3pm
Sun-Mon: closed

2. Boston Avenue United Methodist Church
1301 S Boston Ave, Tulsa, OK 74119
Tue-Fri: 10am - 3pm
Sat-Mon: closed
3. TPS Parent Resource Center (English & Spanish appointments)
525 E 46th St N, Tulsa, OK 74126
Fri: 10am - 3pm
Sat-Thu: closed
4. South Tulsa Community House
5780 S Peoria Ave, Tulsa, OK 74105
Tue-Thu: 10am - 2pm
Fri-Mon: closed

5. Martin Regional Library (Spanish Appointments)
Tue-Thu: 12pm - 5pm
Sat: 11am - 3pm
Fri, Sun-Mon: closed

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ELIGIBILITY Am I Eligible for Tax Assistance?

Eligibility for free tax help varies based on your household size. We prioritize households with children in the home and can accommodate these households even if their income is a bit higher than the IRS guidelines which are as follows:

  • Households whose combined income is generally $70,000 or less
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Limited English-speaking taxpayers

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REQUIRED DOCUMENTS What Do I Bring to My Appointment?

  • Photo ID for Taxpayer (& spouse if applicable): Drivers License, State ID, Military ID or Passport.
  • Social Security or ITIN: Original cards for you, your spouse and dependents (W-2s are NOT valid SSN verification.)
  • Income Documentation: For each year you are filing (W-2s, 1099s, etc.)
  • If Self-employed or Independent Contractor: documentation of your expenses and income.
  • Any Tax Forms or Letters: From the IRS, Employers or Government.
  • Bank Account and Routing Numbers for direct deposit of refunds.
  • If you have health insurance: bring form 1095-A.
  • If Married and Filing Jointly: you will need to have your spouse present
  • If You've Been a Victim of Identify Theft: you will receive a new Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) from the IRS every year in the mail. Please bring this letter with you, your return will be rejected without it.
  • If Amending a Previous Return: A copy of the return that needs to be corrected and any additional documents used to file the original return.

TAX APPOINTMENT What Should I Expect?

We do everything we can to keep your appointment as quick as possible. To help your appointment go smoothly we ask that you arrive 10 minutes before your appointment, and bring the necessary documents. Allow at least an hour to complete your appointment.

Here’s what will happen during the appointment:

You’ll meet an intake specialist.

The intake specialist will welcome you and verify you have all the required documents, then have you fill out a form.

You’ll meet your tax preparer.

Your tax preparer will prepare your taxes and check your benefits eligibility.

We quality-review your return for accuracy.

A second reviewer will ensure all details of your return are correct.

We transmit your return to the IRS.

It takes around 15 minutes to know if it was accepted or needs corrections.

Enroll in other benefits programs.

If you qualified for other benefits programs we can enroll you on the spot.


If you are receiving a refund and have a bank account, your return will automatically be deposited into your account within a couple of weeks. If you don’t have a bank account, you will receive your return by mail. However, we have several no-cost bank account options so you can receive your return faster. Check our frequently asked questions page for more information.

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